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Over 15 years of combined experience & expertise

I am a highly motivated, confident, dynamic creative professional with more than 15 years’ combined experience in the areas of travel, business relationship, account management, administrative support and events

I have always been keen to help others. A desire to see others achieve and succeed. So, I’ve been mentoring and coaching individuals for as long as I can remember.


I have acted as a coach to people in my personal life and also in my professional life. Throughout my business career, I have held a number of positions with different companies where coaching was a significant part of my job responsibilities. All of this has given me a great deal of practical experience in coaching.

After more than 15 years working between Aviation and the corporate world, I decided that I wanted to help others in a more meaningful, unrestrained way.

In September of 2020, I completed an NLP Neurolinguistic Programming & Professional Life Coaching Certification PCELC Life Coach certification and received certification as a professional life coach. Now I am ready to begin my new journey as an independent and professional life coach.


Over the past years, I have helped many people face difficult challenges, overcome obstacles, and look a bit deeper within themselves to determine what they really want in life and how to get it and I am looking forward to helping you too!


Highlights of my qualification below:


 - Business Analysis Foundations

 - Coaching Skills for Leaders & Managers

 - Coaching Employees during a difficult situation

 - Coaching & Developing Employees

 - Diversity, Inclusion & Belongings.

- NLP Neurolinguistic Programming

- Professional Life Coaching Certification PCELC Life Coach


ROD loves to collaborate with others.

Along with my business career, I have been able to help a lot of people who crossed my path so I have created a space to summarize some of the most inspirational feedbacks I have received about my collaborations.

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